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Playstation 3 Theme Builder

If you want to create, edit, upload, test, and share Playstation 3 themes quickly, then PS3 Theme Builder is the perfect solution. With full support for all icons, backgrounds, pointers and more. Whether you are new to skinning and theme creation, or an old pro, you'll find that PS3 Theme Builder is the perfect soultion for all your needs, and best of all it's Free! Download

Windows 7 Logon Builder

If you want to change your Windows 7 Logon Background using any major image format then this is the tool you need. Lili-Chan's tool supports multiple image formats like; Gif; Jpeg, Png, and Bitmaps. It's quick and easy to use withe more options than most other similar tools. And best of all it's free and has a small download size (less than 2 megs). Download

What's New
  • 4/3/2011
    Did a complete site redesign to make it easier to find things and to prepare for the up and coming release of PS3 Theme Builder 4.0.
  • 1/30/2011
    I have just released the Windows 7 Logon Background Builder. This software allows you to easily change your Windows 7 Logon background. it supports multiple image formats, and will auto-resize them to fit your screen resolution. Easily the most robust tool like this out there.
  • 2/26/2009
    Lili-Chan Software is proud to announce that it has released the next version of its popular Playstation 3 Theme Editing software package “Ps3 Theme Builder”. PS3 Theme Builder 3.0